Celebrate National Fishing Month

August is National Fishing Month!

Celebrate this centuries-old Canadian livelihood by learning how the country with the longest coastline in the world makes some of the most sustainable seafood on the planet – all while supporting our small, coastal and Indigenous communities.

  1. Canadian Seafood Guide: We answer all of your questions about how to find, buy, cook and enjoy affordable and sustainable Canadian seafood.
  2. Good For You and the Planet Too: Canada ranks second in the world in sustainability certifications from the MSC blue fish program, with 61% of our harvest boasting the iconic label versus the global average of just 16%.
  3. Fishing for the Future: Canadian fishermen and women have a vested interest in preserving our oceans for generations to come, especially when their families and communities count on them! See some of our favourite family fishing stories here.
  4. Celebrating Indigenous Participation: We’re proud to have several Indigenous voices in our membership and on our Board of Directors. Learn about what fishing means to our Indigenous communities.
  5. Canadian Fisheries Facts: Did you know that the Canadian seafood industry is the country’s largest ocean-based jobs provider, or that Health Canada recommends seafood twice per week? Get more quick facts here.


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