All Hands On Deck Profiles:

Joycelyn Moulton

Quality Assurance Coordinator, Ocean Choice International

Joycelyn has worked within the fields of aquaculture, and more recently the offshore fishery. Growing up in Newfoundland has given her an appreciation and respect for the ocean, driving her to pursue a role within the seafood industry.

Joycelyn is a graduate of Memorial University’s Bachelor of Science program (biochemistry). She also holds an advanced diploma in Food Safety from The Marine Institute.

Darren Stuart

Director of Plant Operations, Connors Bros.

Darren Stuart has been with Connors Bros. since 2013. Prior to joining Connors, he was with Ascenta Health and Ocean Nutrition.

Darren received his Technical Degree in Seafood Processing from Holland College in 1993 and has over 25 years of experience in the Natural Health Product and Food Production industries.

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