About FCC

The Fisheries Council of Canada is a non-profit trade association that has been representing, for over 100 years, companies engaged in the harvesting, processing, importing and marketing of wild-capture fish and seafood.

Who We Are

The Fisheries Council of Canada is the voice of Canada’s wild-capture fishing industry. The FCC promotes responsible fishing, stewardship of the resource and sustainability of Canada’s fish and seafood. The Council advocates for and promotes a market-driven, competitively structured industry that will benefit harvesters, processers, and workers and make a net contribution to Canada’s economy.

FCC is a proud member of the International Coalition of Fisheries Association. To learn about ICFA, visit https://fishcoalition.org/.

Our Experience

First formed in 1915 as the Canadian Fisheries Association, and reorganized in 1945 to become the Fisheries Council of Canada, we represent member companies on all three coasts. These member companies process the majority of Canada’s fish and seafood production. Member companies also harvest a significant portion of the fisheries resources of Canada. In addition, we represent Canadian and international companies and institutions providing products and services to the industry as associate members of the Fisheries Council of Canada.


As the united voice for Canada’s wild-capture fisheries industry, FCC maintains ongoing relationships with key ministers and officials of numerous government departments, agencies, and parliamentary committees. The Council provides leadership, representing the industry on matters of national and international concern before parliamentary committees, advisory boards, commissions, and ministers, as well as foreign governments.

Advocacy on behalf of members that helps shape a favourable business environment to foster sustainable growth for our industry is a core function of FCC.

Industry Reputation

Canada already has a strong global reputation as a producer of high-quality fish and seafood products, calling to mind images of clear, clean, cold water in our three oceans. One of FCC’s main priorities is cultivating, capturing and maintaining that reputation through education and awareness.

To improve brand recognition of Canadian seafood among domestic and international audiences, including governments and the general public, FCC communicates our industry’s message of world-leading sustainability compliance, corporate social responsibility and stewardship action as well as our high-product standards.


FCC is directed by a member-based Board of Directors. A Nominating Committee of members makes recommendations for annual elections.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors holds in-person meetings at least twice per year (virtual meetings during the COVID pandemic). The Executive Committee of the Board is composed of the Vice-Chair, Chair and Past-Chair. Executive rotate through these positions, representing a three-year role. The Executive hold conference calls throughout the year.

Chris Flanagan


Baffin Fisheries Ltd (Niqitaq Fisheries)

David Lomas


Connors Bros Clover Leaf Seafoods

Alberto Wareham


Icewater Seafoods Inc.

Carey Bonnell


Ocean Choice International

Catherine Boyd


Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership

Lise Després


Comeau’s Sea Foods Limited

David Knickle


Adams and Knickle Ltd.

Gilbert Linstead


Labrador Fishermen’s Union Shrimp Co. Ltd.

Shannon Mann


Osprey Marine Ltd.

Ian McIsaac


Seafood Producers Association of NS

Christine Penney


Clearwater Seafoods Limited Partnership

Bev Sheppard


Harbour Grace Shrimp Company Limited

Greg Simpson


Mersey Seafoods Limited

Blaine Sullivan


Ocean Choice International

Martin Sullivan


Ocean Choice International

Jerry Ward


Qikiqtaaluk Corporation

Keith Watts


Torngat Fish Producers Co-operative Society Ltd.

Phil Young


Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco)

Matt Walsh


Connors Bros Clover Leaf Seafoods

Our Team

Our team at FCC is small but mighty.

Paul Lansbergen
Paul Lansbergen



Sharon Leslie
Sharon Leslie

Executive Assistant, Office and Conference Coordinator


Kate Docking
Kate Docking

Manager, Policy and Regulatory Affairs


Our Members

Provincial Members

Adams and Knickle Ltd.

LaHave Seafoods Limited

Mersey Seafoods Ltd.

Seafood Producers Association of Nova Scotia

Corporate Import / Export Members


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