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Our Industry

Canada is a water nation, and Canadians have been supporting themselves by fishing for over 200 years. We have the longest coastline in the world and some of the most plentiful freshwater resources, and with our well-managed fisheries, we have the potential to be a global leader in sustainable seafood production.

The Canadian fisheries industry is safe, sustainable and focused on ocean stewardship. Check out some facts about the industry:

Canada Is A Water Nation

We have the longest coastline and among the most freshwater resources in the world. Our heritage and current economy is built on sustainable development from our waters.

Canadian Seafood Supports Jobs

The Canadian seafood industry supports more the 90,000 jobs in local, coastal and Indigenous communities, making seafood the largest ocean-based jobs provider in the country.

Canadian Seafood Supports The National Economy

The Canadian seafood industry generates over $9 billion in contributions to the national GDP annually.

Canadian Seafood Is In Demand

Canadian seafood is known the world over for its freshness and sustainability, and is exported to over 130 countries.

Canadian Seafood Is Sustainable

Canadian fisheries hold some of the highest levels of third-party sustainability certifications in the world, and 94% of Canadian fisheries are harvested at sustainable levels.

Canadian Seafood Is Healthy

Health authorities like Health Canada recommend Canadians eat two servings of seafood per week to take advantage of heart-healthy proteins, fats and nutrients.

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Seafood Supports Canada

Our new Seafood Supports Canada infographic, and eight supporting social media graphics, showcases the ways that the Canadian seafood industry provides value.


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Canadian Fisheries Facts

The Canadian seafood industry has a lot to be proud of: we’re one of the most sustainable protein industries in the world, with some of the highest rates of third-party certifications and a long history of supporting our nation’s economy.

The Fisheries Council of Canada wants to celebrate our industry by sharing some of the best Canadian Fisheries Facts. We’ve created graphics to promote 15 data-based facts, including individual social-media shareables and an infographic with the top 12 facts.

What Does a Blue Economy Mean to You? Video Series

The Fisheries Council of Canada and the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance have created a video series to highlight the benefits of the Blue Economy from 10 Canadian voices from the seafood industry.

The series showcases how Canadians hope the Blue Economy can grow communities, improve sustainability and create long-term economic stability.

Fishing for the Future

Canadian fishermen, fisherwomen and fish processors have a vested interest in protecting the resource that supports their livelihoods for the long term. In fact, many Canadian fishing and processing companies are family or community owned – guaranteeing they make sustainability a top priority for many generations to come.

Choose Canadian Seafood

Mouth-watering recipes to make eating more sustainable Canadian seafood easy, affordable and tasty!

How Can I Get Involved?

Canadian seafood is one of the most sustainable, healthy and low-carbon protein options available. Share your support for our industry by learning more and getting involved.

Buy Canadian

Support fresh, local Canadian seafood by looking for “Made in Canada” indicators on seafood packaging at your local retailer.

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