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Industry Reputation

One of FCC’s main priorities is cultivating, capturing and maintaining the Canadian seafood industry’s strong reputation to create increased opportunities for the industry.

The Canadian seafood industry is only as strong as its reputation. A pristine image of Canadian fish and seafood in the minds of consumers and decision makers around the world creates more market opportunities and increased social license to operate. FCC manages the national industry reputation of fish and seafood through communications and marketing campaigns aimed at sharing our sector’s balance of sustainability and economic support.

Our Focus

FCC is guided by a three-year strategic plan that helps to guide our focus in industry reputation, but we are constantly monitoring and acting on new areas of interest for our members. Below are some of the campaigns we are currently involved in:

Telling Our Sector’s Story – Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunity Fund

I Love Canadian Seafood – National Fishing Month 2020

World Water Day 2021

Canadian Fisheries Facts

What Does the Blue Economy Mean to You? Video Series

Seafood Supports Canada

Canadian Seafood National Brand


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