Support the Science. Not the Politics.

The fishery is sustainable

The Canadian fishery is a world-leader in sustainable fisheries development, and we follow the science – data provided by experts in fisheries science and the federal government.

This data informs the decisions we make as an industry, to develop sustainable practices that ensure the safety and viability of our ocean resources and economy. When you support the science, you support a sustainable fishery for today and tomorrow.

The fishery is our coastal lifeblood. Now is not the time for political maneuvering and ignore the science and risk Canada’s number one oceans-based jobs provider.

Responsible stewardship of Canada’s fishery resources means balancing a prosperous present with a thriving future.

We have found a good balance. Any unnecessary restrictions on the fish and seafood industry will mean severe economic impact, and little environmental impact. Support the science. Not the politics.


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