Canadian Seafood Industry Urges Fast Action on “Blue Economy Strategy” to Secure Food Supply and Job Creation in Vulnerable Communities

March 11, 2022

OTTAWA, ON: The Canadian seafood industry, represented by a partnership of the national associations representing wild and farmed seafood, is urging quick action to secure affordable Canadian food, jobs in rural and coastal communities, and a domestic food supply of low-carbon, healthy seafood.

Responding to the release of the federal government’s “Blue Economy Strategy: What We Heard” report, Paul Lansbergen, President of the Fisheries Council of Canada, and Timothy Kennedy, President & CEO of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance, jointly issued the following statement:

“Canada’s wild and farmed seafood sectors represent secure, stable jobs, and are a proven, low-carbon solution to feeding Canadian families and global markets with Canadian seafood.

“Canada’s sustainable seafood sector needs the same kind of policy support that we see for our domestic agriculture sector.  We need a pragmatic, federal vision to grow the sector and drive innovation and investment in this key blue economy opportunity for rural, coastal and Indigenous communities. A rigorous, science-based approach to sustainability and a commitment to job creation and economic growth is necessary. We are happy to see some of our recommendations included in this report, such as the need for a federal champion and a growth plan with targets, but what is missing is a pathway to identify the next steps, clarify the priority areas, and focus on the economic opportunity before us.

“Canada has the greatest potential in the world to grow our seafood sector. The seafood sector is the core of the Blue Economy with close to 100,000 jobs. Throughout the COVID period, Canadian seafood producers were identified as ‘essential workers’ and continued to deliver seafood to Canadians. Now with further global instability, we need to move quickly on this essential food opportunity and capitalize on growing the value of the sector. Our vision and action plan can help move to the next level of job creation and secure healthy and sustainable food for Canadians and the world.”


The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) is the voice of Canada’s wild capture fish and seafood industry, promoting a healthy resource and prosperous industry playing a vital role in the Canadian economy. Our members include small, medium and larger-sized companies along with Indigenous enterprises that harvest and process fish from Canada’s three oceans.

Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA) is the national association that speaks for Canada’s seafood farmers, representing their interests in Ottawa and internationally. CAIA members generate over $5.2 billion in economic activity, $2.1 billion in GDP, and employ over 21,000 Canadians delivering a healthy, growing and sustainable seafood farming sector in Canada.

For more information or to set up an interview please contact:

Kelly McCarthy
Manager, Communications FCC
613-727-7450 ext. 2722
Sheri Beaulieu
Marketing & Communications Manager, CAIA


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