Choose Canadian Seafood Domestic Marketing Campaign Launched!

Choose Canadian Seafood Domestic Marketing Campaign Launched!

The Fisheries Council of Canada is pleased to share that our domestic marketing campaign, Choose Canadian Seafood, has launched with an exclusive, national, two-page and online feature in Postmedia’s media properties, such as the Toronto Star, the Vancouver Sun, Ottawa Sun and more. This is the first of many new assets that will be rolled out over the coming days and weeks as the campaign gathers momentum.

This campaign is a joint project by FCC and the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance (CAIA), funded by the Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities Fund and spearheaded by Nourish Food Marketing. The objective is to increase domestic consumption of Canadian seafood by improving familiarity and targeting seafood-positive Millennials who are most likely to up their intake to 3-4 times per month.

Smarter Meals Out of the Blue

The campaign tagline, “Smarter Meals Out of the Blue”, highlights how easy it can be for Canadians to incorporate more seafood into their lifestyles. A new website acts as a hub for the campaign, gathering information on recipes, species, nutrition info and sustainability information to make eating more seafood transparent and easy.

FCC and CAIA have worked with Nourish to develop a series of easy, fast, affordable, nutritious and delicious recipes featuring a sample of Canada’s many seafood products, and is in development for even more recipes featuring even more products.

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Please visit to browse the campaign, recipes and assets, and tag us @Seafood.Canada on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.


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