FCC Announces Future Leaders Canada Class of 2022


March 7, 2022

OTTAWA, ON: The Fisheries Council of Canada, in partnership with the National Fisheries Institute, is proud to announce the participants in the 2022 class of the Future Leaders Canada career development program. This year’s program is expected to return to its original in-person format after going fully-virtual in 2021.

Future Leaders Canada accepts participants working in the fish and seafood industry who are interested in gaining the skills and insider knowledge needed to become successful champions for their companies and the sector. This year’s class of 10 students has participants from Canada’s three coasts with an impressive mix of skill-sets and backgrounds:

  • Kelly Lenihan, Clearwater
  • Wendy Luo, Clearwater
  • Claire Pescod, Macduff (UK Division of Clearwater)
  • Rachelle Kennedy, Connor Bros Cloverleaf Seafoods
  • Darren Stuart, Connor Bros Cloverleaf Seafoods
  • Roxanne Notley, NunatuKavut Community Council
  • Cara Pike, Ocean Choice International
  • Nelson Stone, Ocean Choice International
  • Chris Butler, Royal Greenland
  • Alicia Reid, Royal Greenland

“The Canadian fisheries industry is only as strong as our leaders,” said Paul Lansbergen, President, Fisheries Council of Canada. “We’re looking forward to resuming our in-person program and providing in-depth training to these future leaders.”

The 2022 Future Leaders Canada program will run from March through August, with three three-day sessions in Ottawa, Chicago and Halifax, plus two bonus virtual sessions. An optional kick-off breakfast will be held at the Boston Seafood Show. A graduation celebration will take place at FCC’s Annual Conference in Ottawa in October. Participants can expect to learn in-depth about export logistics, sustainability in seafood, and the retail side of the industry, while also exploring vessels, ports and production facilities, among other sessions.


The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) is the voice of Canada’s wild capture fish and seafood industry, promoting a healthy resource and prosperous industry playing a vital role in the Canadian economy. Our members include small, medium and larger-sized companies along with Indigenous enterprises that harvest and process fish from Canada’s three oceans.

For more information or to set up an interview please contact:
Kelly McCarthy
Manager, Communications
613-727-7450 ext. 2722


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