FCC applauds launch of federal fisheries marketing program


FCC applauds launch of federal fisheries marketing program
Enables fisheries sector to promote its strengths and expand exports

OTTAWA, ON, December 5, 2018: The Fisheries Council of Canada applauds Fisheries and Oceans Canada for launching the Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities Fund to promote and brand Canada’s $7 billion fish and seafood sector. The fund will support export diversification strategies with the goal of increasing Canada’s overseas exports by 50%.

The Canadian Fish and Seafood Opportunities Fund is backed by $42.85 million in federal funding and represents the fourth pillar of the Atlantic Fisheries Fund (AFF), a contribution program funded jointly by the federal, provincial and territorial governments which is investing over $400 million over 7 years to support Canada’s fish and seafood sector. The AFF which previously focused investment on projects that dealt with innovation, infrastructure, and science partnerships, will now add investments to support marketing both at home and to meet growing international demand.

“Canada’s fisheries sector has a great reputation in the global marketplace, but we have been too modest in our promotions,” says Lansbergen. “The creation of this new fund will enable the sector to be more active in convincing the world to buy Canada’s sustainably harvested fish and seafood.” FCC recently launched a national brand, Canadian Seafood, which takes a page from other agri-food groups in Canada, like beef, pork, and dairy, who have successfully leveraged national branding to engage their customers. The strategy showcases the diversity of Canada’s fish and seafood sector and offers the industry a way to highlight Canada’s achievements.

“Canada’s fisheries enjoy some incredible advantages that should have us positioned to win. We have a wide variety of high-quality harvested species in our waters, a rigorous food safety regime, top-notch labour standards, inclusive fisheries and collaboration with Indigenous partners, and we are world leaders in third party certifications for sustainable fisheries practices,” says Lansbergen. “Our competitors are more active in promoting themselves. We need to step up our game. This program will help us do exactly that.”

FCC is currently assessing additional strategies to build on its recent launch of Canadian Seafood and plans to leverage the program in due course.

The Fisheries Council of Canada is the voice of Canada’s fish and seafood industry. FCC represents small, medium and larger-sized, primarily family owned companies from rural, coastal and Indigenous communities operating on Canada’s three coasts and in freshwater lakes.


December 5, 2018 – Press Release:  FCC applauds launch of federal fisheries marketing program


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