FCC welcomes Bernadette Jordan as Minister of Fisheries & Oceans


OTTAWA, ON, November 21, 2019: The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) is pleased to welcome Bernadette Jordan as new Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.

“On behalf of FCC members, I welcome Minister Jordan back to the fisheries realm. It doesn’t seem that long ago that she was Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Fisheries & Oceans,” said Paul Lansbergen, FCC President. “We look forward to rekindling our working relationship to enhance the growth potential of the sector.”

At the same time, today is World Fisheries Day. Fish and seafood are highly nutritious and the most sustainable sources of protein with a low carbon footprint. As global population grows and demand for protein increases, Canadian wild-capture fisheries have the potential to make our coastal communities more prosperous. However, it is not without challenges to do so in a sustainable manner while adapting to climate change. FCC is ready to collaborate to ensure our fish and ocean resources are managed sustainably today and for future generations.

FCC would also like to acknowledge the work of Minister Wilkinson and his continued role, as Minister of Environment and Climate Change, on marine conservation targets and climate change policies. “I found Minister Wilkinson thoughtful and look forward to continued dialogue on how to recognize the positive role the sector plays in addressing ocean biodiversity.  Marine conservation and sustainable fisheries are not a one-or-the-other trade-off. Both can be achieved if we work together.” Lansbergen said.

The Canadian seafood industry creates 80,000 direct jobs, mainly in coastal and rural communities, and accounts for $7 billion in exports. Two-thirds of Canada’s wild capture seafood production (80 per cent by value) is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. This puts Canada among the leaders globally when put in the context of only 14% of the world’s fisheries being certified.


The Fisheries Council of Canada is the voice of Canada’s fish and seafood industry. FCC represents small, medium and larger-sized, primarily family owned companies from rural, coastal and Indigenous communities operating on Canada’s three coasts.

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