Fisheries Council applauds agreement to prevent unregulated fishing in the high seas of the central Arctic Ocean

OTTAWA, December 1, 2017 / – The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) applauds the federal government in reaching an international agreement to prevent unregulated commercial fishing in the high seas of the central Arctic Ocean.

Yesterday Minister LeBlanc announced the agreement in principle among coastal states Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the United States, with other countries of interest cooperating. Parties have committed to a program of joint scientific research and monitoring to gain a better knowledge of Arctic Ocean ecosystems and the potential for sustainable fisheries in the future.

“Canada is well known for its sustainable and responsible management of its fish resources,” said Paul Lansbergen, FCC President. “This agreement is proactive action to maintain sustainability of our fish resources in the face of climate change. We applaud the forward thinking.”

“Canada’s north is fragile but holds great potential. We need to get it right if we are going to benefit from that potential,” said Jerry Ward, Director of Fisheries, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation, and FCC Vice-Chair. “As an operator in the north and Nunavut, I am proud of this agreement, particularly its recognition of Arctic Indigenous Peoples’ interests, and look forward to its eventual implementation.”

The Canadian seafood industry creates 80,000 direct jobs, mainly in coastal and rural communities, and accounts for $6.6 billion in exports. 80 per cent of Canadian wild seafood production by value is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, the international gold standard for measuring fishery sustainability.

Since the Council was established in 1915, the Fisheries Council of Canada has been the national voice for Canada’s commercial fisheries. Our members include small, medium and larger-sized companies along with Indigenous enterprises that harvest fish in Canada’s three oceans and inland waters. Member companies are also processors who process the majority of Canada’s fish and seafood production. FCC members take pride in being key employers in their communities, providing jobs and creating an economic base for other local businesses.

For further information: Fisheries Council of Canada,

December 1, 2017 – Fisheries Council applauds agreement to prevent unregulated fishing in the high seas of the central Arctic Ocean


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