Fisheries Council of Canada Supports Reopening of Northern Cod Commercial Fishery

OTTAWA, ON: Last week DFO announced the reopening of a commercial Northern Cod fishery.
On the anniversary of the moratorium, 2 July 1992, the Fisheries Council of Canada is adding
its voice of support to the re-opening.

A critical element of the re-opening is the sharing of the resource. Access was distributed
across fleets and included Indigenous communities. FCC members have invested in this
eventuality and are committed to working collaboratively with Government and other industry
participants to be sustainable and create maximum value from the resource. That is what
benefits coastal communities the most.

“We need to work together to harvest, process and market a sustainable, high-quality product
that will be sought after in Canada and around the world,” said Paul Lansbergen, President of
the FCC. “Northern Cod is an iconic species, and it can be a modern day success story for Canadian fisheries.”

Seafood is a cornerstone of the Canadian economy and supports communities along all three of
the country’s coasts. FCC’s vision of the industry is that it will be a top 3 global high-quality,
sustainable seafood producer. Northern Cod certainly fits within that vision.

For more information, please contact
Dana Bulloch
Porter O’Brien

The Fisheries Council of Canada (FCC) is the voice of Canada’s wild capture fish and seafood
industry, promoting a healthy resource and prosperous industry playing a vital role in the
Canadian economy. Our members include small, medium and larger-sized companies along
with Indigenous enterprises that harvest and process fish from Canada’s three oceans.


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