Supporting Sustainable Seafood: Where Do I Start?

The Fisheries Council of Canada believes seafood is the next big superfood, which is why we’re launching our new Seafood, A Sustainable Superfood guide to buying and cooking healthy, quality and sustainable Canadian seafood today on World Water Day. The guide is a complete one-stop shop to demystify the process of buying and cooking sustainable Canadian seafood.

“Part of building public trust in the Canadian seafood industry comes from arming consumers with the knowledge they need to source it, buy it and cook it at home,” said Paul Lansbergen, President, FCC. “By increasing consumer confidence in purchasing sustainable seafood, we can open the door for a surge of realization about how easy, delicious and nutritious it can be.”

Regardless of how familiar consumers are with seafood, FCC’s new seafood guide answers all of the questions someone might have about shopping for sustainable seafood, including sections on:

  • Sustainability in Canadian seafood
  • Sustainability certifications and labels to look for
  • Wild vs farmed seafood
  • The domestic market for Canadian seafood
  • The difference between product origin labels
  • Fish fraud in Canadian retail locations
  • Species and common names of Canadian seafood
  • Indicators of quality and freshness in live, fresh, frozen and shelf-stable products
  • Portion sizes and cost per serving
  • Recipe ideas

Please consider helping us promote the guide by sharing our “Supporting Sustainable Seafood: Where Do I Start?” campaign on social media at @FisheriesCA, or by using the below resources to promote it on your own channels.

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